Leone Kochnitzky

Leone Kochnitzky was a Belgian musician and man of letters. During the Fiume episode he was appointed to establish contacts with the French press, as head of the URE, the Office for External Relations. He was the guiding spirit of the Lega di Fiume, an “anti-League of Nations” the aim of which was to «bring together in a compact formation the forces of all the oppressed peoples of the earth: peoples, nations, races, etc. etc. and use this to combat and triumph over the oppressors and imperialists, who (like the British Empire for example) aim to impose their financial might on the most sacred sentiments of men: faith, love for one’s country, and individual and social dignity». Buoyed up by left wing revolutionary ideas, he supported the Soviet councils and, like Mario Carli, found himself in opposition to the monarchic, nationalist fringe in Fiume. He later became a talented art critic. Like Furst he was possibly excessive in the expression of his revolutionary ideas with D'Annunzio, and this led to various misunderstandings over the Fiume experience.