F.T. Marinetti (1876 – 1944)

On 16 September 1919, Marinetti made his way to Fiume, dressed in the uniform of a Volunteer. He was warmly greeted by d’Annunzio and fêted in the streets by legionnaires. Together with Vecchi and Carli they organized some Futurist events; but Marinetti was equally active in political rallies and gained access to the top brass in the military command of the city. His Judgment on the officers who surrounded d’Annunzio was not exactly complimentary:

«They are nearly all monarchists and passéists, who do not want to understand or admit that their gesture has been a revolutionary one. They declare that they are not involved in politics! Some probably have regrets and want everything to find a quick and good ending, so that it will not inconvenience their career and they will get His Majesty’s approval!!!»

F.T. Marinetti (right) and F. Vecchi in Fiume, October 1919.

Marinetti established close contacts with Guido Keller, who explained to him his ‘task of overseeing what happens around d’Annunzio’.

(Günter Berghaus, Futurism and Politics: Between Anarchist Rebellion and Fascist Reaction, 1909-1944, Oxford, Berghahn Books, 1995; pp. 135-136).

F.T. Marinetti (center) with G. Keller (left) and F. Vecchi (right) in Fiume, October 1919.