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La Testa di Ferro
Libera vove dei legionari di Fiume

Unione di spiriti liberi tendenti alla perfezione

Il ballo di San Vito. Primo quaderno della Yoga. Collezione diretta da Mino Somenzi. Cittá di Vita, Giugno 1920

After Marinetti’s and Vecchi’s departure, Mario Carli and Mino Somenzi took over the leadership of the Futurist flock in Fiume. Keller, whom Marinetti had praised in his diary as a true futurista, became a close friend and collaborator. This Fascio Futurista Fiumanese founded a newspaper, La testa di ferro, edited by Mario Carli, whose first number appeared on 1 February 1920.
Keller called into existence a group called YOGA, which ran a regular column in La testa di ferro and for a short period also published their own journal: Yoga: Unione di spiriti liberi tendenti alla perfezione (November to December 1920). Both groups opened their doors to a wide spectrum of political forces on the Left: anarchists, syndacalists, communists, Bolsheviks, republicans etc. Many Arditi joined their ranks, but these were not to be confounded with the Ardito-Fascists who followed Mussolini's move to the Right. They supported Carli's revolutionary line, which was presented in his newspaper under the headings 'Our Bolshevism' (15 February 1920) and 'The Little Bolshevik Father' (7 March 1920).
Here he described Moskow and Fiume as the centres of a world revolution and Lenin as the genial leader of the Russian working class.
He distinguished his notion of Bolshevism from the politics of the Italian 'official' Socialist Party and proposed to form Soviets all over Italy, where artists and proletariat could join hands and establish a new political system along the communist model.
The leadership of the Arditi, who had stayed behind in Italy with Mussolini, took offence at Carli's Bolshevik propaganda. Pietro Bolzon, who ran the by now Right-wing L'ardito, started a series of attacks on the Arditi Fiumanesi, who in response rallied around Carli and d'Annunzio and defended their independent outlook on the Italian Revolution.

(Excerpted from Günter Berghaus, Futurism and Politics: Between Anarchist Rebellion and Fascist Reaction, 1909-1944, Oxford, Berghahn Books, 1995; pp. 137-138).
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