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The Führer was alarmed by reports arriving from European cities of sick leaves brought about by diseases like gonorrhoea or syphilis. (…) The inflatable doll was not only intended as a form of satisfying the sexual needs of soldiers, but also as a way of preventing venereal disease and preserving the purity of the “German race”. (…) The idea was that each soldier would carry a doll in his rucksack, along with the rest of the necessities vital for survival.

Hitler ordenó una muneca inflable para sus soldados

The doll was to be available in an adequate container, along with its tin-opener, instructions for use and a ‘post-coital’ hygiene set (…) (and) was to manifest strength and durability because it would face the harshness of war and the virile thrusts of troops, whose soldiers were being administered regular doses of liquid amphetamines.

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